The twoolies are wool animal figures with artistic personality designed by Architect Sindy Posso and Mayan artists. They combine modern trendy concepts with ancestral native designs.

Each Twooly is entirely and carefully handmade by skillful Tzotzil weavers using 100% natural wool fabrics hand-woven on back strap looms. The Toztzil is an ethnic subgroup of the Maya that live in the highlands of South Mexico and have kept the weaving tradition alive for generations.

Every piece features a unique combination of textures, colors and patterns that make it truly one of a kind. There are simply no two twoolies alike.

Let the twoolies inspire your imagination!!!

The stoolies, designed and developed by Architect Sindy Posso, are fun and crazy decorative wooden stools / side tables with traditional hand-embroidered designs.

Their covers are made of 100% wool and feature one of a kind patterns inspired by Mayan ancestral Patterns. The vibrant colors and unique designs will stand out and bring joy to your living spaces.

The stoolies come in two heights, 10 and 14 inches approximately, with 11 inches diameter. You will certainly enjoy picking the ones that reflect your tastes and lifestyle from so many combinations of color and patterns.